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Have you ever experienced that at the middle of night you suddenly awake and realise that you cannot move your body not even a finger. You panic and feel helpless. You are unable to come out of this situation. You want to call someone for help but are unable to call the person sleeping next to you. The feeling makes you frightened as your body is paralysed. Do you know the Islamic treatment of sleep paralysis? There are many methods for its treatment worldwide. Various ways are used in different religions, while the science has different views about it, and the Islamic treatment of sleep paralysis is also used.

The panic turns into fear when you feel the presence of unseen entity in your surroundings. It also happens that you feel someone is sitting on your chest or trying to choke you. The thing sitting on your chest can also take a horrifying shape like a demon. You try very hard to get out of the reach of that demon but all your efforts goes vain. You cry out loud to call someone for help but no one listens. You try more hard to move your body but the demon sitting on your chest is not letting you to move a single limb.

You feel a great pressure on your chest. You can hardly breathe. You also see some shadows hiding in the dark corner of your room. You also feel someone at your back. You try to run away but your body is powerless and you are unable to hide yourself from the demon trying to kill you. Suddenly your body takes a shiver or jerk and you woke up in cold sweat. You are feeling lack of energy in your body. You body is shivering with terror that you have just experienced in your sleep. This time period of few minutes was so dreadful that you do not want to go to sleep again. You cannot escape from this terror of sleep as it will happen to on regular intervals. Whenever of the thought of sleep comes to your mind you feel a fear running through your vein. People starts using medicines to avoid this frightening experience again but medicines are unable to give you full control over it. The demon attacks you time and again to take you the path of death.

A sleep that was a source of relaxation of body and mind to remain healthy to coup with the challenges of life turn into a nightmare.

Sleep is one of the most important factors of human body. It is impossible to live without sleep. After a hectic and laborious day every loves and good sleep but sometimes it takes an opposite turn and sleep starts to haunt a person and sleep becomes worse than death. Whenever a person feels heaviness of sleep in his eyes suddenly an entity appears from the dark corner of the room. This entity put full force to drive the person to the permanent sleep. The person under this conditions starts to question himself that was he attacked by a demon during sleep. Is my sleep wants to handover to me unseen creatures who can make my life miserable.

Many names have been given to horrific aspect of human life. This element of terror is not new. It is present in our lives since centuries. Every country and faith has given different names to this fear. Countless strange stories are told about it that how this fear plays with human life and how badly it snatches the physical and mental beauty of a person.

This fear starts to emerge when our body and mind lost their connection to each other during sleep. It feels that hidden demons or ghosts keep waiting this moment that when a person loses his body and mental connection so that they can viciously attack the sleeping person and make his life a hell. In latest research cases have been brought into the account where this attack happened during a nap. When this attack occurs during sleep the human mind remains fully aware of its surroundings but the body becomes paralyzed. People experience the presences of an evil entity or pressure on chest and if someone wants to choke him to death. Please can also hear demonic whispers.

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World famous fashion model Kendall Jenner in a reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” revealed the horrific aspect of her life that he is afraid of sleep. She said that “I wake up in the middle of the night, and I can’t move”. Kendall Jenner’s mother Kris Jenner said that this is “terrifying”, “it’s so scary when it happens, you literally feel like you are never going to get out of it”.

We find details of this phenomenon in ancient Akkadian, Sumerians and Greek civilizations. This sleep can kill incident is known as Nahemah. Nahemah was a demon who adopted the appearance of a princess. Every religion, faith and culture has associated this event to satanic forces. In Arab world it is called Jathoom. In Arab traditions Jathoom is mentioned as Satan or a ghost who attacks a sleeping person and put great pressure to his neck so that his breath stops.

In Asia sub continent this fear is related to satan, jinn and evil spirits. These evil spirits put pressure on the neck of a sleeping person to disconnect his breathing. According Kashmiri traditions it an entity or a shadow that lives in every house and it emerges only to attack people when they do not offer prayers at their houses and do not pay attention to the cleansing of the house.

In Persian speaking areas it is called Bakhtak. Bakhtak is known as a Satan who sits on the chest of a sleeping person to obstruct his throat.


Modern Greek traditions relate this phenomenon to jinns. Greeks believe that when they go under this experience during sleep they feel the presence of a shadow sitting on their chest. This shadow is so ferocious that it deprives them of their speaking ability. They feel that as someone has hanged them.

greek sp

German folklores call this demonian sleep experience as Alp. Alp usually attacks females. It has the ability to transform into various shapes and faces. Apart from its original face it can transform to cat, dog, snake, pig and a white butterfly to attack its victims. Its pressure can make a person feel that his ribs are broken.

Malaysian culture calls it Hantu Orang Minyak. It is said that a black male attacks a sleeping person. This male has put lots of oil on his body so that no one can capture him.

malayasia sp2

We find this demon in Chinese culture some 400 years before Prophet Essa a.s.(Jesus). In Chinese traditions this evil spirit took control of human body and soul to give them death.

china sp

This sleep demon is known as Kanashibari in Japan. Japanese believe that this evil spirit hagrides a sleeping person. According to Japanese traditions a person can be possessed with this demon through black magic. They say it attacks in the sleep and the person under attack feel great pain in the body and also hears strange whispers.

japan sp

In Hindu religion Rakshasa is a demon that harms a sleeping person. Mohini is also character with characteristics. She is beautiful woman who wants to take control of sleeping men to have her children.

We find details of various entities in almost every religion and faith that can kill or posses a sleeping person. These entities want to control a man or a woman for their evil purpose. We also find many famous painters who depicted these demonic creatures in their art. The subject always attracts movie makers. Every year we find countless movies on this theme. One of the most famous movie series on this topic was A Nightmare On Elm Street.

night mare

It is also important to note that some people claims that they were abducted by aliens or some other entity of outer space. The symptoms described by the abductees are similar to attacks of terrifying creatures in sleep. The X Files tv series based on the subject is still very popular.


As mentioned earlier that this phenomenon has different names in different countries and faiths. Modern medical science calls it paralysis in sleep or Sleep Paralysis.

Almost in every house there is a person or persons suffering with this problem. Most people do not pay attention to it that why they were afraid during sleep. It has also noticed that a person going through this trauma hide it from other and this makes them mentally and physically ill.

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Researchers have two different opinions on this subject. According to one group a person goes under the sleep paralysis attacks due to the strong repression of various desires to have happy life. On the other hand the second group say the sleep paralysis is the result of mental stress and various worries of life.

Medical science says that sleep paralysis occurs when brain tells the body to relax and body enters into state of almost paralysis. It happens while going to deep sleep or coming out of it. At this moment our brain and body lose contact from few seconds to few minutes and person under this condition feel that some ghost or evil spirit has attacked him.

Few also raise this question that does sleep paralysis bring death. There are different opinions on this issue. Some experts say that sleep paralysis only stops the body to move for a short period of time and it has no connection with death. While some experts believes that sleep paralysis can kill a person. They provide evidence from human history. In 80’s people of Hmong tribe moved to United States. The Hmong people usually lives in China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. They were a group of 117 male immigrants. Out of 117 men 116 died during their sleep in camps associated for these immigrants. Their age was around 33 years. They were in good health and there were no reports of any sickness among them.

Some force was killing these Hmong males in their sleep. Doctors were unable to find the cause of death so they termed these deaths as Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome. It was decided to work on this matter in depth. During the research it was found that these 116 men died due to their belief in spirits. It was also found that Hmong people believes that if they do not pray or worship regularly and do not perform their religious rituals according to traditions then they will not be protected and evil spirits will definitely come to harm or kill them.

We cannot say that due to some physical problems a person suffers with sleep paralysis. It is also possible that sleepy paralysis have a connection with spiritual health of a person. Therefore it is better to check the physical and spiritual health of the person with sleep paralysis. If medical treatment fails to the cure then it will be better to also go for some spiritual treatment.

We find many prayers of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) that should be recited at night for protection.

It is a fact that physical health has great connection with spiritual health. It is also important to note the negative effects of planets causing sleep problems.
Ibn e Al Mansoor in his book Lisan Ul Arab writes that Jathoom is an evil dream which comes at night during sleep. The entity that attacks the person during this dream is called Jathoom.
Ibn e Seena in his famous book Al Meezan writes that this phenomenon is called choking the throat and in Arabic language it is called Jathoom and Al Nendlan.

It is a belief in our society that no other entity can harm humans. If we consider it as a fact then what is our stand on the prayers of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) which are for the protection from the harms of unseen creations. In Holy Quran we find these words at the start of Surah Al Falaq that “I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak, And from the evil of darkness when it settles”. These verses prove that some harmful entities do exist in the darkness of night of which we have no knowledge.

In Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim the companion of Holy Prophet Abu Qatada (may ALLAH be please with him) narrates that the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) said that good dreams are from ALLAH and bad dreams comes from Satan.

Sleep paralysis also has a strong connection with a terrifying dream therefore we can say that sleep paralysis is the work of some evil entities which wants to harm a person.

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We are presenting a great talisman for the protection from demonian phenomenon and for a peaceful life. It is impossible to write about the greatest positive effects of this talisman but people who are familiar with talismans and amulets will definitely acknowledge it.

If you wish to make it as an amulet then it must be made on dear skin. The talisman will be engraved on a piece of pure silver. The talisman will be made during the exalt of planet Sun. It can also be made during the Moon exalt that comes every month.

We are explaining the procedure of the talisman so that anyone can make it with ease.

First of all draw boxes of the talisman. On the first set of the boxes we will write:

انہ من سلیمان و انہ

The second will be comprised of:

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

The ZAUJ template has been used four times in this talisman. The boxes of Zauj template has been made with Surah Al Ikhlas of Holy Quran. We will write the names of four angles on the four corners of the talisman. First we will write the name of angel Jibraeil (Gabriel) and followed by the names of Mikaeil, Israfeil and Israeil.

Then we will write four verses of the Holy Quran. The first verse will be written at the top of the talisman. The second verse on right side, third verse on left side and fourth verse at the bottom. The verses used in the talisman are given here:

The verse 23 of Surah Al Furqan will be written at top of the talisman:


On the right side we will right the verse 81 of Surah Al Isra:


Write the verse 81 of Surah Yunus on left side of the talisman:


The verse 18 of Surah Al Anbia will be written at the bottom:


The talisman has four parts and each part the Holy names of four Holy Prophets will be written. The names of Holy Prophets are given here in English and Arabic:

Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny),ILyas a.s., Yunus a.s., Yusuf a.s., Yaqub a.s., Ayub a.s., Zikria a.s., Suleiman ibn e Dawood a.s., Moosa a.s., Al Yushaa a.s., Loot a.s., Ismaeil a.s., Ibrahim a.s., Ishaq a.s., Haroon a.s. and Nooh a.s.

محمد صل اللہ علیہ و آلہ وسلم، الیاس علیہ السلام، یونس علیہ السلام، یوسف علیہ السلام، یعقوب علیہ السلام، ایوب علیہ السلام، زکریا علیہ السلام، سلیمان ابن داؤد علیہ السلام، موسی علیہ السلام، الیوشع علیہ السلام، لوط علیہ السلام، اسمعیل علیہ السلام،ابراھیم علیہ السلام، اسحق علیہ السلام، ھارون علیہ السلام اور نوح علیہ السلام۔

These names will be written in a particular manner. In the first part we write names of Nooh a.s. then Haroon a.s., Ishqa a.s. and Ibrahim a.s.

In the second part we will start with the name of Ismaeil a.s. followed by Loot a.s., Al Yushaa a.s. and Moosa a.s.

The sequence of the names for third part is Suleiman ibn e Dawood a.s, Zikria a.s., Ayub a.s. and Yaqub a.s.

In the fourth part we will first write the name of Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny), followed by Yusuf a.s., Yunus a.s. and ILyas a.s.

When the talisman is ready place it near incense for few minutes and then wear in your neck or right arm.

It will be better if you give some hard coating to the talisman to protect it from all sorts of damages. If you are making it on dear skin make sure that water does not damage it.

If someone is under severe attack of the sleep paralysis the recitation of Ayat ul Kursi for 9 times will be of great benefit. If someone cannot recite Ayat ul Kursi then can listen it on his phone and when the recitation is over he should blow on his chest and on his palms and rub his palms all over his body.

The sleep paralysis talisman in its final shape is given here:


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