Nowruz 2017: Qatmeer Talisman

Nature has given full authority to a person to spend his life but this authority has some restrictions. These restrictions are a sort of blessings from Almighty ALLAH. If every human wish is fulfilled with the blink of his eyes then he will become arrogant and it will lead him to claim himself a deity. Nature does want to punish a human and to torment him for this act. Nature is very generous to its creations especially to human beings, it always opens new doors of opportunity to fulfill wishes.

Being a human we have many wishes and dreams that we want to see them as reality. Our prayers and efforts fail to bring the results. The failure brings many doubts in our faith and also brings despondency in life. ALLAH Almighty never shuts the doors of His blessings. The delay in getting our wishes is to test our faith and our sincerity towards our wish. When we remain determined and patience we are blessed with the great reward.

If we put attention we will come to know that is time that is ruling the entire universe. From a tiny sand particle to gigantic stars each and everything is breathing or moving according to time. They are all dependant on time. The same applies on human life. To live an organized life we have divided our life into various parts of time. Similarly all the religions have fixed a time for prayers.

When we think a bit deeper we come to know that every prayer is associated to the movement of Sun and Moon. The prayer time from Dhohar to Maghrib are under the realm of Sun while Esha and Fajar prayers belong to the positioning of Moon.

Every culture has different tools to measure days, months and years. This measurement tool is known as calendar in daily life. We find many calendars in our modern world including Gregorian calendar, Hebrew calendar, Persian calendar, Chinese calendar and Islamic calendar. Every religion celebrates the beginning of the new year on different days and months.

In view of the sayings of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) religious scholars have mentioned particular times for asking our wishes. Nowruz is also a special time highlighted by these scholars.

We would like to mention here that Nowruz is not associated to any particular country. It is celebrated in different parts of the world as the symbol of the beginning of new life. Sun is the ruler of our solar system. It travels in twelve zodiac sings throughout the year. It starts his journey from Aries. Sun stays in every zodiac sign for almost one month. After travelling through all zodiac houses, when Sun return to its initial point which is Aries that particular event is called Nowruz. It is according to the principles of astrology.

When Sun enters Aries and reaches its zero degree this event is known as the most effective to fulfill wishes. During this event if someone ask for a particular wish through prayers then he will be blessed with it. Due to this reason spiritualists keep waiting for the event to prepare special talisman and amulets which have greatest effects in getting their purpose.

In the year 2017 the Nowruz event will start on 20 March at 15:28:34 as per Pakistan standard time. People from other countries can find their Nowruz timing by calculating time difference with Pakistan.

On the auspicious event of Nowruz we are presenting a rare talisman. If it is made with rules defined by spirituality then it will bring 100% results. The talisman is associated to Ashab e Kahf (people of cave). We find details of Ashab e Kahf in Holy Quran surah Al Kahf. No one knows the exact number of Ashab e Kahf. Along with these cave people their dog also got great fame. The dog is known with the name of Qatmeer. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) said that this dog was so ferocious that no one can stand in front of him. When Ashab e Kahf took shelter in the cave this dog sat at the opening of it to protect his masters and remained on there forever.

The talisman has great benefits but today we will focus only on its powers of protection. The masters in spiritual world have been making this talisman for the protection of life, wealth and to overcome enemies. It is necessary to perform specific spiritual course before making talisman. We are writing the method of this course so that everyone can make the talisman.

The duration of this course is 12 days. As Nowruz will start on 20 March 2017 so make sure that you start this course 12 days before this date. You course must be finished on 19 March 2017. For first 11 days write the Qatmeer talisman for 30 times daily. On day 12 write this talisman for 29 times. On 20 March at the time of event write a talisman by following the spiritual rules for talisman making. When talisman is made, place it near some burning incense for few minutes. Now you can wear the talisman in your neck or right arm. The talismans that you have been writing for 12 days should be put in dough of wheat flour one by one and put them in a lake, river or sea. If you do not find running water then you can bury them in the clean ground.

The talisman Qatmeer is given below:


Apart from protection the talisman can also be used to separate two people. But make sure that you use it only to terminate illegitimate relation. If you do to harm a legitimate relation then you will be destined for the torment of ALLAH.

In the separation method, take the numeric value of both persons along with their mother names as per Lunar alphabet. Add 359 to the total of names. With this total write an amulet of 3×3. Once you have finished the amulet then prepare a dough. While making dough put this amulet in it and make sure that it is mixed completely. Please make sure that you take water in small quantity to for dough. No water shall remain when the dough is done. Now prepare a chapatti or make a pan cake from it. Cut the chapatti or pan cake in two halves and give both persons to eat. If it is not possible, then give these two pieces to two different dogs to eat. Within few days their feeling for each other will turn into hatred and they will end the relation forever.

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