Nowruz And Zakat In Spirituality

World of spirituality is always very complicated, difficult and full of mysteries. Every human has a desire to have a tool that can solve his problem with great ease. We also find many who have the ambition to rule others in their own circle. There are also those who are always in search of super natural powers so that they can get what they wish. In ancient folklores and movies we find a magical stick that can grant anything with a single flick. But these are only stories reality is much opposite to it.

To accomplish a goal in spirituality requires spiritual authority that can infuse spiritual power in any talisman, amulet and other items. Without spiritual authority if your talisman or amulet shows some effects it is either a miracle or a mere coincidence. Like other fields of knowledge spirituality also has certain rules and regulations. The rules are the base of spiritual world and without following them every effort to attain spiritual power is an effort in vain. To achieve success in spiritual world it is necessary to go through certain spiritual exercises and methods. If you want to a make a talisman or amulet then you must have authority to use letters, verses of Holy Quran and ALLAH names. This authority comes by doing spiritual exercises and courses. If you want to use any name of ALLAH or verse from Holy Quran then you must recite that name and verse for 1,25000. This recitation is called ‘’Zakat’’ in spiritual world. After that you will obtain spiritual power to use that single name and verse in your talisman or amulet.

We give a brief introduction of spiritual exercise or course which is known as ‘’Zakat’’. We will use word ‘’Zakat’’ in the rest of the article. As per spiritual laws every letter, Quranic verse and ALLAH name has its associated angel. This angel has other angels to act according to his orders. Apart from angels other entities are also given under the command of leading angel. These entities are known and servients or Moakal. Their job is to show the effects whenever a certain word is written of spoken. We can understand it from an example. During the drought a certain prayer is offered which is called ‘’Istisqa’’. The aim of this prayer is to call the angels who are given command over rain in a special manner so that they can come and bring rain. We are using the spiritual powers of this prayer to achieve our goal. Through this prayer we call these angles to help us.

It is natural to have acquaintance in a group of people. It can take turn into a friendship and later develops into a strong relation. The purpose of Zakat in spiritual world has same concept. By reciting same letter, verse of name we try to start an acquaintance with the angles and moakals. The long recitation turns this acquaintance into friendship and a strong relation is created between and person and the angel and other forces associated to that letter, name and verse. Friends are meant to help each other whenever someone needs help. When we use some letter, verse and name in an amulet and talisman its aim is to call the associated angel for help to put spiritual powers in it to accomplish the task.

As per spiritual laws it is obligatory to recite ALLAH name or a verse for 1,25000 times in 40 days to use its powers. After 40 days your Zakat of a name and verse is completed. There are 28 letters in Arabic language therefore if a person wants to give the Zakat of a letter he must recite it with its angel name for 4,444 times daily for 28 days. For example if you want to give the Zakat of letter Aliph ( الف ), then you have to recite this sentence for 4,444 times daily for continuous 28 days:

Ajib yaa Israfelo behaq e yaa aliph.
اجب یا اسرافیل بحق یا الف

Once you have completed the recitation of a letter for 28 days at the same place, time and in one sitting then you will be able to use the spiritual powers of this letter and you will have spiritual authority over this letter.
In our modern world everyone is the victim of the shortage of the time. After job, business and family life we do not find enough time to daily sit for 3 to 4 hours to perform Zakat.

Looking at the difficulties of human life masters of spirituality introduced many easy methods to perform Zakat. Among these methods we also have a fully effective method of Zakat that can be exercised during Nowruz. When you perform this exercise on Nowruz you will be able to use the spiritual powers that letter, name and verse for one full year till next Nowruz. If you want to continue, then next year on Nowruz you have to repeat the exercise.

Due to the shortage of time normally the Zakat of only one name and verse is performed. You can do the Zakat of many names and verses by following our method. This is will free you from the 28 and 40 days restrictions.

The procedure for this Zakat is to take lunar (Qamri) numeric values of the name or verse that we want for the Zakat. Then take numeric values according to Solar (Shamsi) alphabets. Write the name and verse in spoken (Malfuzi) form and take their Qamri and Shamsi values. Perform the same procedure on your name along with your mother name.

We will have eight values as under:
1. Qamri numeric values of name or verse.
2. Qamri values of name or verse in Malfuzi.
3. Shamsi numeric values of name or verse.
4. Shamsi values of name or verse in Malfuzi.
5. Qamri numeric value of your name along with your mother name.
6. Qamri values of your name with mother name in Malfuzi.
7. Shamsi numeric values of your name with mother name.
8. Shams values of your name with mother name in Malfuzi.

Now take letters of Qamri value to make a word and add Aeil (آئیل) at end of this word. After it take letter of Qamri Malfuzi values and write Aeil at the end.

We will adopt the same procedure for Shamsi values and will add word Yosh(یوش) at the end.

Make an amulet of 3×3 of earth element from Qamri values and a 3×3 fire element amulet with Shamsi values.

Take the Qamri values of your name and take their associated letters. Make a word and at the end of the word add Aeil (آئیل). From Shamsi values make word with associated letters and add Yosh(یوش) at the end.

With Qamri values of your make an amulet of 3×3 with water element and air element amulet with Shamsi values. All these amulets will be written with saffron and rose water ink.

Buy a bird one or two days before Nowruz. A white pigeon will be a plus point. When buying the birds make sure that its wings are not cut so it can fly. Before the event time of Nowruz take a shower and sit in neat and clean place facing Kaaba. Now write the four amulets which are mentioned above.

At the same place recite Surah Al Hamd and Surah Ikhlas on sweets and offer it as a present to the grandson of Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s. Also pray to Almighty ALLAH that HE should accept your Zakat in the name of Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s.

Cover the amulet of water element in dough and put in running water. Bury the earth amulet in clean ground. Tie the air amulet with thread in the neck of the bird and release it to sky. Put the fire element in your neck or right arm. From the next day of Nowruz start reciting the ALLAH name or verse for which you have performed this Zakat for 101 times daily for 21 days with 11 times Darood Sharif at the start and end. This Zakat will work for one year till next Nowruz. You should repeat the exercise on next Nowruz if you want to continue.

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