Protection Talisman: Shield Of Prophet

Apart from wisdom and knowledge the modern man has inherited fears from his ancestor. First humans on the planet earth quickly understood the meaning of fear during the early days of their presence on this planet.

They were living a life which was overpowered by the fears of hunger, sickness, hard weathers and wild animals. Their conscious made them to understand the reality that by surrendering to these fears they will definitely face death.

The picture in our modern society is different than our ancestors. We are not in direct threat of hunger and sickness. We have invented tools and methods which are helping us to improve the growth of food and protection against various diseases which was causing death to millions. Blood thirsty animals are no more a danger to our society. We have achieved and improved tremendously but we still have the feeling of fears that has been transferred from our primitives.

The shape of fears has been changed with our life style and knowledge. Our society is a home to countless fears that a human has to face in his daily life. Our fears are sophisticated and high tech. Imminent threat of terrorism is the new breed of fear. Wars, crime, unemployment, climate change, earthquakes, tsunamis, abuse and drugs are few to name.

These manly designed and natural disasters are the new fears that our generation is breathing with. All this creates an uncertainty about the future and well being of a person and to his family and friends. These fears have created different types of worries and depression. A human mind is under the siege of continuous stress, anxiety and competition. Our progress has brought more complexity to life.

The life of our ancestors was a continuous struggle for survival and to carve ways to guard against fears. Similarly modern day man keeps looking for the tools to overcome his fears and failures. With the improvement of human mind religion started to take the central point in day to day life. Rituals and prayers were a powerful tool to control fears. Our ancestors also learned various methods to use these rituals, charms and prayers with elements of creation to prepare different tools for protection. It was believed that these protection tools have a strong relation with the highest forces of the universe. These tools were later called talismans and amulets. At the start the protection amulets were made on animal skin. Later these protection amulets were made on paper and it is also a very popular method in modern world. On the other hand protection talisman were made on metal. After various experiments specific metals were selected to make protection talisman. Some protection talisman were made on silver while other protection talisman were made on gold and other metals. The use of a particular metal for the protection talisman put greatest effects to these.

Our materialistic approach has resulted in lack of faith in religion and in self confidence. Various ideas are being floated to the society to satisfy the need for security. But after a short period of time these ideas lose ground and then a new idea is introduced. The aim of these ideas is to bring confidence and faith in a person so that he can calm himself and to keep him physically and mentally fit to play his part more positively in the society.

New techniques of yoga, breathing and meditation are all part of a system to bring higher state of self awareness, and consciousness. The mechanical development of human society has failed to provide an answer or solution to the problems generated by fear. The modern world has started to find the solution in the ancient beliefs and practices to bring relief from fears so that he can live in a blissful peace and security. It is amazing to see that a lot of money and hard work has been put to translate ancient books on spirituality. The major part of this effort is based on to find books which are with different types of amulets and talismans. We find great details of various protections talisman, protections amulets and protection charms in these books.

There are many protection amulets and talismans. Today we are presenting a protection talisman based on the verse no. 128 and 129 of Surah Al Tauba. The use of these verses is very popular for conquest of masses. This protection talisman is unique. The verse no. 128 and 129 are also called The Umbrella Of Prophet, The great overpowering Name and Seven Layers Of Walls by the Quran narrators. The companion of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH&HF) Anas(RA) has narrated a Hadith regarding the benefits and importance of these two verses. The talisman of these two verses works as a protection shield. Some benefits of this protection talisman are highlighted here:

  • Protection from accidents
  • Protection from being killed by enemies
  • Protection against enemies, Jinn and other entities
  • If a man or a woman is indulged in adultery the talisman will stop them to do so. The talisman for this purpose will be made when the planet Moon is residing in Scorpio.
  • If a groom wears the talisman on wedding night and goes to his wife he will be protected from all sorts of black magic if it will be brought to him by his wife in the future
  • A woman under the influence of black magic should wear this talisman and also take bath from the water of the amulet of these verses. She should also drink the water made from the amulets of these verses. She will be fully cured from the black magic in three Fridays
  • It brings victory to wearer against his opponents
  • The thieves will never come to the house where this talisman is tied in the air
  • If an unmarried girl wears this talisman soon she will be married to a suitable person
  •  It brings protection in travel and also protects the vehicle from accident
  • The talisman written with saffron and rose water on a china clay pot and then it is dissolved in the water to drink brings health and purification of the body and soul
  • A business man and shop owner can increase his business and earnings by wearing the talisman
  • If the talisman is buried in an agricultural land it increases the production beyond expectations
  • The water of the talisman cure a person who has been poisoned by removing the poison from the body
  • The talisman brings great comfort, happiness and financial stability to the person who is living in the state of misery
  • The water of the talisman brings large quantity of the fruit to the trees
  • The talisman brings cure from Asthma, headache and stomach ache

The protection talisman in its final shape is given here:


Kindly note that these verses will be written four time in the protection talisman. For your convenience we have divided the protection talisman in four colours. You will start with boxes in red colour. The boxes will be written with the words of the verses. The first red box contains word ‘LAQAD’. Write the remaining words as written in the verses. Now write the verses in green boxes in the same manner. The word ‘LAQAD’ will be written in the first green box. Apply the same pattern for blue and grey boxes.

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