Sun Dignity – Sun In Cancer 20

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In the world of astrology the planet Sun is known as the ruler of the sky as all planets of our solar system moves around it. The planet Sun is the source for the growth and sustainability.

Sun is a benefic planet and it is the ruler of zodiac sign Leo. It belongs to fire element. When Sun reaches 19 degree in the zodiac sign Aries it showers highest positive rays on earth, this event is known as the exaltation of Sun. The second highest benefic event is known as the Sun dignity. The planet Sun achieves dignity when it comes to 20 degree in the zodiac sign of Cancer. This event is taking place on 11 July 2018 at 1:21:10 pm and will last till 12 July 2018 at 2:30:33 pm. The timings are as per Pakistan standard time. 

 If someone was not lucky enough to get benefits of Sun exaltation then he can benefit himself from Sun dignity.

Everybody can take full advantage of this auspicious event. If someone is not getting his due promotion, someone is unemployed or he is unable to find a best job according to his education and skills, if someone is not getting his right that he deserves, if someone wants high esteem and popularity in the society, if someone wants to prolong his reign or someone wants a particular rank or ministry in the government then dignity of the Sun provides opportunities to fulfill your dreams. Various talisman, amulets and good lucky charms / most powerful good luck charms can be prepared at this event. The wearer of these talismans or amulets will hold a prominent place in the society like a king or ruler. The spiritual items prepared during this event can also provide full protection from black magic. These also protect from accidents and other natural disasters.

You can also make world famous the seal of Solomon or pentacle of Solomon during the event. The protection amulets, good luck amulets and talismans or magic seal can also be made. One can wear these talismans as necklace or jewelry. In Vedic astrology a specific time is calculated by making Vedic chart to know the exact time to make these items.     

The planet Sun belongs to day time therefore all amulets and talismans will be made in hour of Sun during day time. At this auspicious time we are presenting a talisman. The talisman shows quick results if it is made on gold or silver. The talisman can also be made with a mixture of gold, silver and brass. One can also make on silver, brass or on a golden paper.

Select a clean room for making this talisman. Burn the associated incenses of Sun. If you are making the talisman on metal then it must be engraved with a sharp tip instrument. To make the talisman on paper, prepare ink of saffron and rose water. You must be seated on a red cloth while making talisman.

The talisman presented here can be used for any purpose such as job, increase in business, to achieve a particular target in life, to overcome opponents, for promotions and highest ranks, to become honourable and famous in the society. You will only make the talisman given here. Make sure that you are sitting as per the position of Rijal ul Ghayab.

The planet Sun belongs to fire element therefore the talisman will be made as per fire element template. The numerical values are for everyone, values will not change. You will only change the purpose written at the bottom of the talisman as per your requirement such as getting highest ranks or increase in wealth. We are also giving fire element template so that you can make this talisman with great ease.

Also write letter MEEM  40 times. The letter will be written 10 times on each side. Also make shapes on top of this letter given in the method. When talisman is completed wrap in a red cloth and keep it at a safe place.

Next day after morning prayer(Fajr) recite Astaghfar and Darood Sharif as much as you can. At sunrise bring the talisman near you and recite the verse :

قل اللھم ملک الملک till  بغیر حساب

for 423 times. Also recite Surah Washams 9 times with 14 times Darood at the start and end. After it offer 2 Rakaat prayers for the fulfilment of your wish. During prostate ask Almighty ALLAH to bless you with success in achieving your goal for which you have made this talisman.

 The talisman and template are given here:


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