Divine Guidance – Istikhara

یہ مضمون اردو زبان میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں

Lots of people use our Free Online Spiritual Service and ask for divine guidance known as Istekhara.

What is divine guidance – Istikhara?

Seeking guidance from Almighty ALLAH in matters of life is called divine guidance or istikhara. This guidance is often taken in matters related to marriage. We find many types of guidance – istikhara written in Hadith books and also narrated by religious and spiritual authorities. The followings are most famous type of guidance – istikhara.

Guidance – Istikhara from Holy Quran

Recite two rakat prayers for seeking guidance through Holy Quran. Then recite a prayer which is associated to guidance – istikhara. Keep your question in mind. Now open Holy Quran and look at the top verse on the right hand side of the page. If this verse is about something good then you can do the work for which you have taken guidance. But if this verse reveals some bad things or anger of Almighty ALLAH then do not take action for you question as it is said that a verse of warning or bad news will bring bad results.   

Guidance – Istikhara through Prayer Beads (tasbih)

Place prayer bead in a plate or bowl. Recite the prayer for seeking guidance – istikhara and take prayer bead in your hard. Count the numbers of beads as per given method. The last one or two beads will give the answer to act for your wish or not.

Guidance – Istikhara through dream

In this method various Quranic verses, prayers, amulets and talismans are used. You will get a satisfactory answer in your dream. The dream will show you whether to take action or refrain.

There are many other methods to get guidance – istikhara but we are presenting here a very famous method. In this method we will use an amulet. This method is easy and authentic. If you get answer from this method then you can take guidance on every matter of life.

 Method of guidance – istikhara

There are 15 letters in Arabic alphabet which are known as ‘’Natiqa’’. The natiqa letters have dots in them. These letters are:

ب ۔ ج ۔ ز ۔ ی ۔ ن ۔ ف ۔ ق ۔ ش ۔ ت ۔ ث ۔ خ ۔ ذ ۔ ض ۔ ظ ۔ غ

The total numerical value of these letters is 5452. If we add the number of these letters we get a total of 16 (5+4+5+2=16). As per lunar alphabet we will get two letters WAO, YAA (   وی  ) from these letters we get the name of Muwakkal (  ویائیل   ). Now make a 3×3 amulet of value 5452 in fire element template. Write the name of Moakal four times on each side i.e. the name of Muwakkal will be written 16 times.  

Write this amulet on Sunday at sunrise. It is best to write the amulet on Deer skin but if you cannot get it then write it on white paper. Put some perfume to it and keep with you.

At night when you go to sleep perform ablution (wadhu). Also wear clean clothes and lie on a clean bed. You must lie by facing Holy Kaaba. With 11 times Darood Sharif at start and end recite YAA KHABERO  YAA ALEEMO ( یَا خبیرُ یا علیم   ) for 984 times. When it is done then pray that ‘’Oh the angels of these letters I ask you in these holy names of Almighty ALLAH to inform me about the outcome of this work for which I am seeking guidance.

With the blessings of Almighty ALLAH all details will be revealed to you. Please keep in mind that presence of any unclean thing at your place can make a hurdle in getting guidance. If you are unable to get the answer on first night then do it for second or third night. If you are performing this method on second or third day then you have to write another amulet and put the old amulet in running water.

We are giving the amulet with its template so that everyone can make it with great ease.

Fire element template

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