Your body predicts your future – part 1

Being a human we have developed an attitude and this attitude is ignorance. Some says that ignorance is a blessing but it is not true in every case. The biggest example of ignorance is that we do not pay attention to our body. We love to look beautiful and for this we spend billions of dollars every year. We have selected certain parts of body which are most important to us to obtain beauty and we go under surgeon knife for lip fillers, breast implant, plastic surgery and Botox.  

We neglect other parts of the body. Nature has designed human body in a perfect manner. It is human body that makes us attractive and make others to fall in love. From head to toe human body is a miracle.

Each and every organ and cell in human body work in perfect harmony and synchronisation. Human body is a universe that keeps working from birth till death. The human body keeps working even when we are in sleep. The shape of every organ of our body has a meaning that we have to understand.

When we come to literary world we find great writings showing the beauty of a human such as Juliet of William Shakespeare and Heer of Waris Shah. In painted expressions we find unique human beauty in many masterpieces. The Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci, Girl with A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, Boreas by John William Waterhouse and The Birth Of Venus by Sandro Botticelli are few examples of beauty. A human hand is also an important part of beauty. We find lot of poetry in which the beauty of a beloved hand or fingers is presented.

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Apart from beauty every body part has some secret functions. One of the secret functions of body parts is that they can predict our future. Yes, it is true your body predicts your future. There are many tools through which we can predict future events and the future of a person. These tools are very complex and it is not possible for everyone to understand these and take guidance about their future. These tools include astrology, palmistry, numerology, tarot cards, ILM ul Jafr, ILM ul Ramal etc.

Nature has given us tools in our body that can predict our future accurately. From centuries some people are taking future guidance through human body parts. You will be surprised to know that your future is in your palm. We are starting a series about human body and future prediction. Human body tells details about your future. Make a habit of reading your palm. Read your fingers and read your thumb. Your thumb predicts your future and every finger also predicts your future.

Index finger is one of the most used parts in human hand. The index finger holds the answers of your future. The finger next to thumb is called index finger. This finger is known as ‘’Sababah’’ in Arabic, ‘’Shahadat’’ in Urdu and ‘’Tarajni’’ in Hindi.

The prominent lines on the left hand index finger tell the number of girls a woman going to give birth. The lines at the base of right thumb of woman reveals number of sons. Some of these lines are thin, some very short and some are very clear. The visibility of these lines is related to the age of children. Sometimes a line is drawn on the finger during pregnancy and a birth chart can be made based on this line. 

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Measure your middle finger with a piece of thread from root to nail. Now place this thread on your palm. It will give you three situations. The length of the thread or the middle finger will be larger than the length of palm or shorter than the length of palm and equal to the length of palm.

If the length of your middle finger is larger than your palm it means that you will spend a happy life with full of luxuries. You will have great sense of dressing. You are a person with sharp mental abilities. You will also take part in religious activities. You will also be a person who fails to have faith in others. You have a habit of criticizing others without any reason. You can raise objections without solid reasons.    

If your middle finger is shorter than palm it means you are a person who has a great patience and who likes to be happy and give happiness to others. You are a talkative person. Things against your wish bring quick anger in you but this anger is for a short period. You do not pay much attention to the outcome of your actions. You take many decisions in haste which brings loss. You have moderate finances in life.    

If the middle finger is equal to the length of palm it means that you will have an ordinary life. Your mood swings. You can be a daring person on some occasion and a coward on other. You will be rich in some part of life and poor in other part. You can be a person who loves to donate for humanity and a very selfish. Your life always remains in high and low tides. You cannot have a stable life.

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