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Every creation on planet earth is a work of outstanding artistry in itself. When we look at human body we discover many mysteries. Each and every organ of human body is given a particular task and it works perfectly according to the plan it is associated with.

Heart, kidneys, lungs and all other organs perform their job under a specific system designed in human body. Every organ is vital to live a better life. In human body head is the most important part. The entire human body will not have any shape if the head is removed from its shoulders. We feel attraction or distraction by looking at the face of a person which is a part of the head. Every human body organ also has limits. Kidneys cannot pump the blood as pumping the blood is not in the domain of kidneys. In human body brain is the most important and most mysterious organ. A human mind has no limits. Human mind is a universe that has no boundaries.

We often take brain and mind as a single unit but there is a difference between these two. Mind is a hidden power that cannot be seen with eye or any other lab tool.

A human brain is a three pound organ that works as the command center for body. A human is a combination of body and soul. The body functions are associated to brain where as spiritual life is associated to mind. The brain receives information or data from its sensory system of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. This sensory system is also called five senses of body. Our brain is linked to the visionary world touched by our senses while our mind belongs to invisible world of thoughts and imagination. The brain is physical organ of the body and mind is the psychic organ.

A human brain performs various tasks and makes decisions based on the information or data it is has gathered. It is also a memory data bank. It controls our organs, emotions, thoughts, body movement and speech. The brain has four parts such as Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Diencephalon and brain stem.

The human mind has been divided into three levels. These are Unconscious mind, Subconscious mind and Conscious mind.

Our modern education system is based on intellect. We try to understand everything through reason. To know the reason we have to do the anatomization on the body. Through anatomization we can have better understanding of physical life but we cannot have a little glimpse on spiritual life as our knowledge only focuses on material world. No one knows how many animal and human bodies have been dissected for physical studies. Our education only emphasis on physical and it is has failed to provide any clue about spiritual life. This is happening due to one dimensional approach in education. Physical life is connected to brain where as spiritual life is connected to mind.

We judge the intelligence of a person various tests have been designed. These tests only judge the answers given based on the information fed to a person through his education or information. The IQ level is also based on the same principle. Our system looks at a materialistic way on every matter of life.

The essence of creativity or invention is dying due to our materialistic approach towards life. If we pay a little attention we will come to know that every tool for a better life was invented hundreds of years ago. Every new device is designed on the same principles of old inventions. Cell phone is a part of our daily life no matter what type of design or apps we have it is still based on the principles of voice travel given by Graham Bell. We do not have Newton, Einstein, Wright brothers in our modern era as our education system has taken away the quality of invention from the human mind.

Human mind is an unfathomable universe in itself. Due to the limited knowledge of our society we are unable to explore the powers a human mind has been give. There are countless things that cannot be seen under the microscope of reason because our system has no clue about it. To understand the power of human mind we have to come out of materialistic circle. Our example is like a frog living in a well and who thinks that the well is the entire universe.

A human mind always holds the most important place in Asian traditions. In yogic science, mind is the most powerful tool given to man. In Asian traditions of yogic science a human mind has been divided into four basic parts. These four parts are called Intellect, Identity, Memory and High level intelligence. 

To achieve success in every step of life we always make plans and set priorities. We face lots of hurdles to achieve our goal and sometimes we fail. This happens that our entire focus is on our physical abilities. To have a healthy and attractive body we plan our diet and go to gym. Similar approach must be adopted in training our mind. Mind is the most powerful tool given to human. It has the power to turn impossible to possible. Those who are aware of human mind power have the ability to achieve whatever they want. We have to train our mind. There are many techniques that help to increase the power of your mind. These brain exercises also enhance the functionality of the brain. Thus by boosting human brain power we set a path for ourselves leading us towards success.

When we train our mind to organize its energies it starts to bring physical, emotional and psychic energies to us. To achieve a certain goal we have to make our mind one directional. When we focus our mind energy to a certain goal it starts to generate energy that will remove hurdles from our path and will create an atmosphere where we can get what we wish for. A disorganized mind a like a nuke button that can destroy the life of a person or the entire world.

At the beginning it looks difficult to focus our mind as it is a sea that is always in rough tides of countless thoughts. As we go to gym to shape our body but we do not find any physical change for weeks. Similar situation happens when we starts to train our mind to develop its energies to the highest level. At a certain level we start to realize little changes in our life. We feel a positive energy in our body. We always feel very relaxed and happy. After this, a point comes when our mind powers become a very lethal weapon. We can achieve beyond human expectation without moving a finger.

We will write some exercises based on various parts of mind such as subconscious mind exercises to enhance the power of your mind in our next article.


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