Effective Process Of Blood Cleanse And Purify


A Breathing Exercise

When the blood of human body becomes dirty and having problems and discomforts cause of boils, rashes and itching etc so this exercise will be very helpful, just do it for 10 to 12 days in morning and at night. It is thousand times better than the best sprays and medicines related to blood cleansers. Even it has capability to cure leprosy patients within a few days. The patients of leprosy can definitely be recovered from this process. Start this exercise process without any hesitation and get advantage.
At first stand in an open or high place then press the tip of your tongue into the root of your upper teeth and then close your mouth and take a long deep breathe through your nostrils, inhale and hold breathe as much as possible. Now lift the tip of the tongue from the root of the upper teeth and press it into the root of lower teeth and exhale breathe very fast. Do this exercise in morning and evening for 10 to 15 days. It is an effective and experienced process. Many peoples have done this process according to advice, they have seen best result. There is no any scope of doubt about its benefits.

An amazing and strange process

At early morning stand on a high place, face towards east and take a long deep breath into your abdomen then close your mouth and exhale through your nose. It is better to continue solar breath (right nostril) if it’s lunar (left nostril) even then there is no issue but the solar will be more beneficial. When you exhale through the nose pull the abdomen towards the back until the abdomen goes down.
Do this exercise minimum 10 times daily.
There are various kinds of its benefits.

  1. Appetite gets good
  2. Face color will be brightened
  3. Blood will be cleaned and blood circulation will be quickened
  4. Memory gets sharp
  5. Heart and brain will be strengthened
  6. Best for strengthening intestines
  7. It is beneficial for constipation too.
  8. Even it is elixir for chronic headache, chronic cold, flu, cough and tuberculosis etc.
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In short It is an exercise process with all benefits.   

This is only one cure for many diseases of gastroenterology.

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