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Today we are talking about a time when Jupiter talisman can be made. This timing has been kept hidden from the eyes of the majority. The Jupiter talisman is generally made during the exaltation or dignity of the planet Jupiter and this principle has been in practice for centuries. Very few people know that Jupiter talisman can be made in a few more specific times. The famous Arab astrologer, astronomer and scholar Imam Fakhr-ud-Din Razi in his book “Sir Al-Maktoum Fi Israr Al-Najoom” has written about this rare event when a Jupiter talisman can be made. Imam Fakhruddin Razi’s commentary on the Holy Qur’an “Tafsir Kabir” is very important in Islamic teaching.

Similarly, Hakim Tam Tam Hindi along with the author of the book Surkhab Al-Ramal and the late Kash Al-Barni have also mentioned this specific degree of the Jupiter in their writings.

According to experts, the Jupiter talisman can be made by following the other rules of the talisman making when the planet Jupiter reaches the 18th degree of zodiac Capricorn. Spiritual scholars have mentioned different attributes of different degrees. The 18th degree of Jupiter in Capricorn is specific to abundance and worldly luxuries. According to spiritual scholars, the planet Jupiter is associated to wealth.

As everyone knows that due to special changes on the earth at certain times, many minerals, gems, etc. are formed. In the same way, cosmic rays coming to the earth from certain degrees of the planets can bring different changes in life.

In the present age, the abundance of wealth is such a human need that without it, it is not possible to have a good life. Attempts to achieve this fail due to lack of heavenly and natural help. A few lucky ones have good flow of wealth to enjoy life to its fullest, and majority is suffering from lack of wealth and jealousy.

You are trying hard for wealth but wealth is being lost in meeting needs of life. You are to find the hope in the future that will give you the satisfaction of heart that you will be able to accumulate wealth. A few years ago, when the planet Jupiter was exalted, we presented the complete method of making the Jupiter talisman in great detail.

Our institution has made a limited number of Jupiter talismans at this specific time. Those who have been unable to make the Jupiter talisman for any reason in the past can benefit from this time.

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