Sun Arab Talisman

The Sun Arab talisman is useful in:

Conquering the people

Abundant wealth

Conquest of rulers and high officials

Popularity among the people

Grandeur and respect

Success in exams

Promotions in ranks

The Sun talismans were engraved on 12:14 pm July 24, 2020 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Sun is culminating in his sign(+5) and triplicity (+3) for a SUPER +8! It is the planetary hour of Sun. The time chart is here:

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Mustjab is in the field of spirituality over a decade. What makes him different in this filed is his unique approach in understanding spirituality and its connection with human life. He uses various tools to study individual cases to the depth so that he can prescribe a best spiritual treatment. He is well versed in using different divine knowledge such as ILM ul JAFAR, ILM ul RAMAL, Astrology, Radiesthesia with physical and spiritual healing. He has mastery skills in various divination tools. He has not limited himself to a certain school of spiritualism. He has a great command over Arab astrological magic along with Western and Vedic magic. He believes that the source of life in a divine energy created by Almighty. This divine energy continues its journey even after the death of the body. Being human we have to explore and elevate divine energy so that it remains in a permanent connection with its Creator to become supernatural to conquer the universe.

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  1. Please give me numeric value of my name for physical sex and health, my name is Usman my mother name is Asamau do the table for me please.

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