Planet Sun Dignity 2020

The system that has been given by the nature to mankind is designed in such way that every human needs help from others. He is dependent on other and he cannot survive on his own. Despite tremendous progress, still human society cannot function without taking help from each other. Factories and offices cannot produce without human involvement. The governments and offices are totally dependent on humans. One could say that nowadays there are factories where no human works and robots with other machines are doing better work than humans. The simple answer is that these robots and machines need human help to come into being. They cannot manufacture or produce themselves.

The Planet Sun

When we look at the solar system of this earth, every planet and star needs the power of the sun for its life and growth. If there is no sun, it is impossible to imagine life anywhere, including the earth. In our solar system, the sun is the only miracle that gives life to others. It creates an energy for others that guarantees the continuity of their lives. The sun is the only planet on our system that is not dependent on the energy of other planets. It produces its own energy for life not only for itself but for other countless creatures. It would not be wrong to say that due to the miraculous powers, the sun holds a unique and most prominent place in the solar system.

Due to these magnificent characteristics the planet Sun is called the emperor of the sky in astrology. The Sun holds the status of a king and all other planets are subject to him. The magical rays of the planet Sun give life wherever they go.

Time of Sun dignity

When planet Sun comes to 20 degree in Cancer it enters into its dignified state. After exaltation it is the most auspicious event. During the year 2020 the event will start at 00:57 on 11 July and will end on 12 July at 02:07. The time is as per Pakistan standard time.

Impact of Sun on human life

The planets Sun governs ruling class, dignity, governance, fame, business people, politicians, relations with the people, human health and gems.

Those who were unable to enjoy bliss of Sun exaltation can benefit from this auspicious event of dignity.

The Sun talismans give dignity and status in the society of a ruler or a great man. In addition, these talismans also provide complete protection from all kinds of magic. It gives full protection from calamity, financial problems and other issues of life.

Talismans for Sun dignity

On this auspicious occasion of Sun dignity, we are presenting some rare talismans. Anyone can easily prepare it for himself and others.

1. Honour and dignity

2. Wealth

3. Overcoming obstacles and fulfilling desires

All these talismans will be made in the same method. We will take Holy Qur’an verses and divine names of ALLAH Almighty according to purpose.

Talismans verses and ALLAH names

We now present the verses the Holy Qur’an and ALLAH Almighty names according to the purpose.

For the sake of progress and fame in the society “La ilaha illa Allah Rafi Jalalah”. The numeric value is 594. ALLAH name is “Rafi” and Moakal name is Jantha’il.

Verse of the Holy Qur’an  ”لا الہ الا اللہ رفیع جلالہ” .

ALLAH name ”رفیع” .

Name of the Moakal ”جنثائیل” .

For wealth “Yughniyahumul laahu min fadlih”. The numeric value is 2186. ALLAH name is “Ghani” and Moakal name is “Humqaghgha’il”.

Verse of the Holy Qur’an  ”یغنیھم اللہ من فضلہ” .

ALLAH name ”غنی” .

Name of the Moakal ”ھمقغغائیل” .

If you are facing many obstacles in different aspects of life or you want to achieve something but you are not succeeding in achieving it, then for this purpose you will take “Naam Al-Mula wa Naam Al-Naseer”. Its numeric value is 824 and the Moakal name is “Kama’il”. The ALLAH name is “Naseer”.

The verse of Holy Qur’an ”نعم المولی و نعم النصیر” .

Name of the Moakal ”کمائیل” .

ALLAH name ”نصیر”  .

How to make talisman?

These talismans of Sun dignity will be made in the same way. The talisman will be made in a square of fire element. Take the numeric value of the verse according to your purpose then add the numeric value of your name along with your mother name or the name of the person for whom you are making it along with his/her mother name.

Subtract 120 from the total of verse and names numeric values. Then divide it to 4. After division whatever value you get write it in the first box of the talisman. Then fill in all the boxes by adding 4 to each box. For example, if you write the value 1144 in the first box, 1148 will be written in the second box, 1152 will be written in the third box. By dividing the numeric value by 4, if the remainder is 1, then add 1 more value in box 13. In box 13, four will not be added but 5 will be added. If the remainder is 2, then add 1 more value in box 9. If the remainder is 3, then 1 more value will be added in box 5.


Write the related conjuration at the bottom of the talisman. All conjurations are given here:

For honour and dignity

‘’Yaa Rafio Arfa’a (name with mother name) Be Haqe Jantha’il Yaa La ilaha illa Allah Rafi Jalalah’’

”یا رافع ارفع (                 ) بحق جنثائیل یا لا الہ الا اللہ رفیع جلالہ”۔

Write name with mother name where symbol (    ) is given.

For wealth

‘’Yaa Ghani Aghni (name with mother name) Be Haqe Humqaghgha’il Yughniyahumul laahu min fadlih

”یا غنی اغنی (          ) بحق ھمقغغائیل یغنیھم اللہ من فضلہ”۔

Write name with mother name where symbol (    ) is given.

Overcoming obstacles and fulfilling desires

‘’Yaa Naseero Ansar (name with mother name) Be Haqe Kama’il Yaa Naam Al-Mula wa Naam Al-Naseer.

”یا نصیر انصر (       ) بحق کلمائیل یا نعم المولی و نعم النصیر”۔

Write name with mother name where symbol (    ) is given.

Two talismans will be made for one purpose. When the both talismans are ready, place them in front of you and recite the verse of purpose according to the numeric value of the talisman. If you cannot recite in one sitting, split it into 7 or 11 days. After each day, blow on both talismans and keep them in a safe place. When the recitation of the verses is completed, wear one talisman in your neck or right arm and hang the other in your house.

If you cannot make two talismans on silver, then make one on silver and write the other on white paper with the ink of saffron and rose water.

By the grace of ALLAH Almighty, in a few days the situation will start to change in positive direction and you will achieve your goal.

The Sun is related to the day, so this talisman will be made during the day in the hour of the Sun. The planet Sun incense must be kept burning during the process.

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