Sun Exaltation April 2018 And Greatest Seal Of Solomon

The planet Sun is source of life. The existence and excellence of life on earth depends upon Sun. It is a majestic energy and its positive state in a person’s chart makes him royal.

Our planet earth is situated with other planets and is a part of billions of galaxies. Every creation has its own energy. All celestial bodies receive and emit energy. The energy passes through many channels and comes to earth in the form of rays. It is proved by science that a human is not just a piece of flesh. Human body has its own system of energy. The celestial rays put positive and negative effects on human body. The relationship of different energies with human body is frontier science.

The positive effect on the cosmic rays on a person brings wealth, health and success in all fields of life whereas negative cosmic rays results in poverty, bad health and failures.

The exaltation of planet is a point in a zodiac sign where it shows its highest positive traits. The planet Sun starts its zodiac journey from Aries and it stays in every zodiac sign for almost one month and then it moves to next zodiac sign. When planet Sun reaches at 19 degree in the Aries it comes to its exaltation point. The Sun will start its exaltation on 8 April 2018 at 2:22:48 AM and will end on 9 April 2018 at 2:47:40 AM (PST).

In today’s world each and every one is living under a burden of worries. Financial sources are not enough to fulfill needs. Under these circumstances a thought comes to mind that is there a magical way to ease our pains and to fill life with happiness.

Masters in field of spirituality and Ilm e Jafar have written various methods to benefit from the exaltation of Sun. During this event special talismans are made possessing great powers in getting favours from rulers, high ranking officials, winning heart of the mass, victory over opponents,  turning wishes into reality and protection. We are presenting a unique and great Seal Of Soloman (Loh Mohar e Sulaiman) on the auspicious event of Sun exaltation.

This talisman must be made on pure gold. If someone can not afford it then it can be made by mixing gold and silver or silver by adding gold water to it. The talisman can also be made in the form of necklace and pendant. During the preparation of this talisman burn  incenses such as musk, azafran, maqal arzaq and sinduras. Select a clean room in which you will make this talisman. During the process keep a real pearl with a hole in your mouth. You must be in ablution and seated on a red cloth.

At the event of sun exaltation we are presenting a method of famous spiritual scholar of Asia Al Haj Shafaq Rampuri. We have tested this method many times and found it very effective. We have also tested it as pendant and necklace with great success. The author of the book ‘Mufateh Al Jafr’ Sheikh Faizi writes that the same talisman was prepared for Mughal emperor Akbar and due to this talisman Akbar attained a unique place in the history of kings. The holder of this Seal of Solomon will achieve great wealth and highest prestige. The method of making this seal is laborious but the benefits are much greater than the effort. You will spend entire life in luxury and will achieve a great spiritual growth.

Now we write here the procedure in detail so that everyone can have this precious jewel to have happiness. Many methods have been written to make this talisman but method presented in the article is most authentic.

First of all write the names of these seven prophets which are Adam, Ibrahim, Yousuf, Dawood, Sulaiman, Essa and Mohammad. All names will be written in Arabic:

حضرت آدم ، ابراھیم ، یوسف ، داود ، سلیمان ، عیسی ، محمد

Then write the names of these six emperors which are Keumars, Jamshed, Fareedon, Kisra, Iskandar and Nausherwan in Arabic:

کیومرث ، جمشید ، فریدوں ، کسریٰ ، سکندر، نوشیرواں

Now write your own name. Our exemplary name is Mohammad Hassan:

محمد حسن

Write the names of seven planets :

مریخ ، زہرہ ، عطارد ، قمر ، شمس ، مشتری ، زحل

Write the name of these seven angels :

جبرائیل ، میکائیل ، اسرافیل ، عزرائیل ، میططرون، دردائیل ، رفتمائیل

These are total 28 names. Now write all these names letter by letter. For your convenience we are writing here the manner in which these names will be written so that you can complete this step with ease:

ا د م ا ب ر ا ھ ی م ی و س ف د ا و د س ل ی م ا ن ع ی س ی م ح م د ک ی و م ر ث ج م ش ی د ف ر ی د و ن ک س ر ی س ک ن د ر ن و ش ی ر و ا ن م ح م د ح س ن م ر ی خ ز ھ ر ھ ع ط ا ر د ق م ر ش م س م ش ت ر ی ز ح ل ج ب ر ا ی ل م ی ک ا ی ل ا س ر ا ف ی ل ع ز ر ا ی ل م ی ط ط ر و ن د ر د ا ی ل ر ف ت م ا ی ل ۔

Please make sure that you write your own name after the name of sixth emperor. Now perform Takseer Jafri. For our readers we explain Takseer Jafri. Takseer Jafri is a process in which a letter is taken from the left hand side and other letter from the right hand side to a make a line of letters. Then keep moving letters in the same pattern until the letters appear as in the first line. We hope that by looking at the following example you will be able to understand Takseer Jafri:

The last line that shows words similar as the first line is called ‘Meezan’. The second last line is known as ‘Zamam’. The Takseer Jafri process is very hard to complete. Utmost caution be taken while writing letters. A single letter mistake can ruin the entire process.

From the first line of Takseer Jafri write all letters of fire element ‘Atashi Haroof’ on a separate paper. The following words are known as atashi haroof in spirituality:

ا ھ ط م ف ش ذ

From the first line also write ‘Noorani Haroof’ on the same paper. These are total 14 letters which are also known as ‘Haroof e Muqataat’:

ا ھ ح ط ی ک ل م ن س ع ص ق ر

Kindly note that some Atashi haroof and Noorani haroof are similar therefore do not omit those Noorani haroof which are also Atashi haroof.

Write Atashi haroof in one line and under these write Noorani Haroof in second line. Mix these letters by taking the last letter of Noorani haroof and the first letter of the Atashi haroof. If letters from Noorani or Atashi line as less than the other then you can repeat the letter. Please follow this example:

ا ھ ط م ف ش ذ ا ھ ط م ف ش ذ
ا ھ ح ط ی ک ل م ن س ع ص ق ر

ر ا ق ھ ص ط ع م س ف ن ش م ذ ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Now you have two papers with you. One with entire Takseer Jafri and other with the combination of Atashi and Noorani haroof.

Write down the numerical value of all Atashi and Noorani haroof as per Sun numeric values also known as Abjad e Shamsi. We are writing here Sun Numeric Values of entire alphabet so that you can select your letters and their values:

Take Sun numeric values of entire Surah ‘Wa Shams wa zuha’ and also take the sun numeric values of the verse of Surah Aal e Imran which is in Parah 3, Raku 3:

بغیر حساب till قل للھم ملک الملک

At this stage you have three separate papers with you.

  • Paper with Takseer Jafri
  • Paper combination of Atashi and Noorani haroof
  • Paper with sun numeric values

Take a new white paper and fill all the boxes with numeric values according to the rules of ‘Mukhamas Khali Al Wast’. To understand it you can read our article ‘Naqsh Mukhamas Khali Al Batan’.

Take another paper and write your name(no need to write your mother name) letter by letter and amalgamate with these four letters:

ج  ع  ت  غ

This method is written by Shafaq Rampuri. According to our research it is better to make letters from the numeric value of entire Surah Wa Shams and make their letters and then mix with your name.

Now take a square piece of Gold. It must be 1 Masha and 2 Ratti in weight. On one side of this gold piece engrave Naqsh Mukhamas and on other side the combination of letters of your name and above four letters. Your Talisman is complete. Please note that you can also design this talisman to be worn as pendant or necklace.

Make amulet of this gold talisman. Fold the paper of Takseer Jafri and place it over gold talisman. Stitch both in single piece of red cloth. Kindly note that to make this talisman as a pendant or necklace you have to select a design in which there is some space so that you can put takseer paper inside it.

Shafaq Rampuri has written that the ideal time is when the Sun is in eastern sky.

How To Use The Seal Of Solomon

Next day get up two hours before the sun rise. Take bath. Wear clean clothes and put red colour turban. Take another piece of red cloth and wrap it around your waist. Take a sword and place it in your clothes. Put perfume on your clothes and on amulet. Burn loban, ood, sand sufaid , surkh or any another perfumer. All this must be done before the sun rise. Now 15 minutes before the sun rise stand at a place where you can see sun rising clearly. Select top of the roof, building or an open place. You must be standing in east ward direction. Start reciting Surah ‘Wa Shams Wa zuha’ countless. Keep reciting the Surah till the sun rises. When the sun has risen stop reciting the surah. Place the amulet on your right hand and bring it in front of the Sun and say these word ‘ALLAH as you have given rise to the Sun bestow me with honour, by the virtue of this amulet bless me with highest status’. Say these words three times. Tie this amulet to your right arm. The amulet must be tied to your arm for 21 days.

From the next day repeat the same exercise daily. Recite the Surah ‘Wa Shams’ for three times only. Bring amulet in front of the sun and say the words mentioned above and tie the amulet to your arm.

After 21 days stop this exercise. Keep this amulet to your arm. You will experience great positive changes in your life which are beyond your imaginations. It is a greatest blessing of ALLAH to make any one king or minister or least HIS blessing and generosity can make any one honourable and prosperous. Making of this amulet is hard but a person with the possession of this amulet will be the star of every one eye.

Kindly note few important steps of the whole process. If you do not find real sword then make a small wooden sword and cover it with shining silver paper. The sword will be placed in the clothes only on the first day. Using red clothes and burning of perfume, taking bath before sun rise are all obligatory on the first day. On the first day there is no fix number of recitation of the Surah Wa Shams but on other days it must be recited for three times. Standing before the Sun on top of the roof or in an open field will apply only to the first day.

After 21 days you have the choice to keep the amulet tied to your arm or keep at a safe place. You will receive special blessings of ALLAH within 21 days if not then after 40 days the amulet will start showing its magical benefits.

We have written the whole process in depth and hope that one can make the amulet for himself with ease.

Those who are interested in this amulet but can make it for themselves can contact us before time. You can email us at:

The method has been presented in different ways by various authorities from the field of spirituality according to their personal views. We are preparing this talisman for many years. Experiments and experience bring command. The talisman is a great source fore those who wants to excel in spiritual items by doing research and by applying new vision and methods. According to the author of the book Mufateh ul Jafr this talisman was made by Sheikh Faizi for Mughal emperor Akbar and due to this talisman Akbar achieved the highest ranks among kings. For research lovers we would like to mention that Sheikh Faizi used Akbar name along with other six emperores names. With some thinking in this method numerous ways can be found to create this talisman. One of the new method is to bring change in traditional talisman by making it a very beautiful fashion tool in the shape of necklace and pendant.



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