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The human development on this planet is extraordinary. Man can definitely be proud of his success on earth.  According to a general theory, when humans inhabit planet earth, they started to live as animals. Then they went through different stages of evolution and became a wise and intelligent creature. With his mental abilities, he overcame other beings. Humans have made astonishing inventions by using their knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. He captured the light in a bulb to remove the darkness. He made medicines to control diseases. Humans also made new and deadly weapons to protect themselves. The coronavirus is spreading all over world. We present here coronavirus Islamic treatment and protection.

The pride of man’s wisdom, intelligence and progress is always shattered by a natural disaster. The man who spends billions of dollars each year to build settlements on other planets looks constrained by a tsunami that swept marvel of its growth with a rapid wave of water. Sky touching building fell to the depths when an earthquake shakes the earth with a wave. The climate change and natural disasters is the monster that always swallows human pride.

Today the world is in severe panic and the cause is a bacterium called coronavirus.

The world history tells us that the viruses are always deadly to human life. Virus is a killer hiding in the dark, the greatest enemy of human life. No human knowledge can predict when this enemy will appear with its death claws.

A few deadly viruses

Who is not familiar with the Ebola virus? Over the past few years, thousands of people have been diagnosed with Ebola in various African countries. Ebola was discovered in 1976 and has taken thousands of lives so far.

Rabies is a life-threatening virus found in domestic animals. There is a complete cure for this, but if it is not treated timely, then it can bring death to the affected person. The virus is transmitted from dogs, cats and bats to humans. Asians and Africans are the main victims of the virus. In these regions the 99% rabies goes from dogs to humans.

The dengue virus also poses many threats to human health. It is a mosquito-borne viral infection. The virus is transmitted from mosquitoes to humans. The person infected with the virus initially experiences severe headaches, severe fever, and then the disease develops into a complex form. There is a complete cure for this, but if not correctly diagnosed then it can cause death.

AIDS / HIV is also a type of virus that takes humans to the brink of death and kills them one day. It is the virus of the modern developed world. Millions of people have died from the AIDS virus so far. If we take the figures for 2018 alone, more than 37 million people in the world are infected with AIDS. In 2018 alone, about 8 million people died of the AIDS virus.

What is Coronavirus?

The corona virus is also a member of the virus family. It is most often found in mammals and birds. SARS and MERS are the deadly variants of the coronavirus. The coronavirus begins with a minor flu. The virus was discovered in the 1960s. In 2012, the MERS virus came to light in Saudi Arabia. The outbreak spreads other countries and killed 858 people. In 2003, the SARS virus killed 774 people worldwide.

Where did coronavirus come from?

The coronavirus started from Wuhan region of China. The virus is spreading to many countries around the world. According to some reports, people who visited seafood market in the area were infected with the coronavirus. According to another report, the coronavirus started from a bat in Wuhan. There is no clear answer that from where the virus came and how it spread.

Why is this virus called corona?

The virus is named corona because of its appearance. Its shape is like a round crown and this is the reason for its name.

Symptoms of coronavirus

The coronvirus is triggered by a minor cold or pneumonia. In addition, cough, fever and shortness of breath are among the symptoms.

Coronavirus is a global killer

China is the most affected country with the coronavirus, where several hundred people have died due to the virus. The virus has spread from China to different countries of the world including Germany, Spain, France, India, Canada, Australia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Britain, Sweden, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, United States and many other. The Philippines and Hong Kong are two countries where deaths have been caused by the coronavirus outside China.

Is coronavirus a part of global conspiracy?

Social media and some websites are also saying that the coronavirus and its spread are a part of global conspiracy. According to conspiracy believers the virus is aimed to stop the growth of China. Other conspiracy theory believers say that the virus is intended to see if China’s economic is affected by a disaster or war then what impact it will have on the global economy.

Treatment of coronavirus

Despite the intense efforts of the China government and world, there is still no proper treatment to eliminates or cure the coronavirus.

Islamic treatment and protection of coronavirus

When all human efforts fail, it is time to contact the Creator of the universe. He who has created life and death is the greatest healer and protector. Today, china and rest of the world is in a state of fear. Nobody knows how many lives will be taken by this deadly virus. We are offering an effective Islamic treatment and protection of coronavirus. This Islamic spiritual treatment can be used by anyone for his own cure and safety and also for an infected person. The method gives full protection and health to a person suffering from coronavirus.

We present a spiritual treatment here. The high ranking Islamic scholars and narrators have writing a lot about it.

Surah Al-Fatihah for every disease

If a person recites Surah al-Fatiha on water seventy times and drinks it daily, it is possible to get cure from untreated diseases.

Unfortunately, if a person has become infected with the coronavirus, along with medical treatment,  he should recite Durood Sharif 11 times and start and end with 70 times Surah al-Fatiha on a glass of water. When recitation is over then blow in the water seven times and then drink it. Do this three times a day. Anyone in the household can read this on water.  With the blessings of Almighty Allah the infected will surely achieve perfect health. Also give charity on daily basis.

ILM ul Jafar and Coronavirus

A weeks days ago when the Coronavirus epidemic began to spread in the world, some questions were being solved with ilm ul jafar which are being presented to our readers.

Question:  Is coronavirus a part of international conspiracy?

The letters of the answers revealed by ilm ul jafar are also given for the students of this knowledge:


ILM ul Jafar and treatment of Coronavirus

We also asked ilm ul jafar about the treatment of coronavirus.  The question was asked in Urdu language. The letters of the answer are written here:

ص ھ ک ی ص ز و ل ح

When we pay attention to these letters we clearly get word کھیعص لوح Kaaf Haa Yaa Aein Saad Loh(talisman). The letter ص is a single letter. Therefore we took it as صورت means in the form of. Now answer is clear that a talisman of KAAF HAA YAA AEIN SAAD should be made for cure and protection against coronavirus. The Huroof e Muqataat are called disjointed-letters. These appear at the start of many Surahs  in Holy Quran.

The kaaf haa yaa aein saad talisman can be made on a piece of silver. Engrave it in any auspicious time. You can wear it in the neck or right arm.

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